Weddings are very remarkable life time events and as such must be treated with great reverence and respect. We all know that it is a good thing to be in love. With love, comes dating and this simply means that two individuals usually of the opposite sex have come together and decided to have a lovely relationship that might probably lead to a blissful marriage.

Two individuals usually of the opposite sex coming together to live as husband and wife is referred to as marriage. These two individuals must have known themselves and come to an agreement that they can live together. They must have gone through all the hurdles of dating and gotten a better understanding of each other before they decide to take the bold step of marriage.

The wedding is witnessed by friends, family and other invited dignitaries. It is usually held in public for the world to see and witness. Yes, the world needs to witness that these two individuals have now become husband and wife but on the other hand, the ring is the best witness. The wedding ring unlike the engagement ring is exchanged between both individuals. The man gives the woman the wedding ring by placing it on her finger and the woman gives the man the wedding ring placing same on his finger.

They will usually exchange vows before they give each other the rings. When the couple makes these vows, they seal it up with the ring and that means that the ring will bear witness to them and the vows and promises they exchanged. Even after the wedding, the couple will keep wearing the rings. Unlike the engagement ring which goes off after the wedding ring comes on, the wedding ring never goes off unless in the event of a divorce or separation.

This is why it is believed that the wedding ring is the best witness to a marital union. When either the husband or the wife goes out to the public space, the ring should always be on worn on their fingers. It tells the world that they are married and committed to someone. It also tells the world that they are off the relationship market.

The importance of wedding rings needs not to be over – emphasized as there cannot be a marriage recognized by law without a proper exchange of wedding rings. The law has made it very clear that the ring ought to be exchanged by the parties as it seals their vows which they made to each other. Please note that because wedding is usually once in a life-time event, most people try to make the best out of it. Some go as far as buying very beautiful and expensive rings: Gold, Diamond and Silver. This they do in other to express their love and also commitment to the marriage. On most occasions, marriages are carried out in public places while others prefer to carry out theirs in private. However, no matter the setting, one thing is important and that is the fact that there has to be people present during the engagement, usually family, friends and well – wishers.

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