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Certified Diamonds

We only provide certified diamonds. All diamonds come with a certificate of authenticity.

Highest Quality

We offer only the highest quality diamonds to our customers.

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We deliver with our preferred shipping partners - Aramex, DHL and FedEx for secure and on-time delivery

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100% satisfaction rate from 100K customers and counting, around the world!

Shop Diamond Jewelry Online in Dubai at Eva Gems!

In recent years, online jewellery shopping has become very popular, making it easier for shoppers to select their pieces while lounging at home. It is a major milestone as it provides valuable opportunities for online jewellers who can showcase their impeccable online collection for online users to see and view. Buying jewelry online at Eva Gems will make it easier for people in Dubai who don't have the time and energy to shop. Eva gems offers the best Diamond Earrings, you can check the collection here.

Why Shop at Eva Gems Jewellers Near me?

Eva Gems is the finest online jewelry store in Dubai. Shopping online at Eva Gems has numerous outstanding benefits. Look at them to see the superb jewelry from engagement rings to the diamond bracelets that we have.

Wide Collection

No matter where you live in Dubai, there are no limits when it comes to buying jewellery online here. Now you can scroll through our ultimate collection to find the piece of your dreams. Most physical jewellery stores have a limited range of products. You may only have a limited number of items and there are often many policies affecting product availability. Moreover, there may be a specific item that is only available for these versions of the deal. Online jewellery shopping here allows you to find many pieces of jewellery that you could not find in a physical store. Evagems now also produces in Lab you can check it out Lab Grown Diamonds

Better Jewellery Price

Most of the time people are confused about where to buy good jewellery online in Dubai. We offer deals and better prices to our online shoppers. We are a magnificent retailer in this industry serving since 1966. You can rely on us for superb pieces of jewellery in Dubai. Many online jewellery stores also offer discount coupons and discounts. Online stores only need to collect sales tax if they have a physical location in our state, even if we shop at a store anywhere in the world. Since we are an online retailer, we have convenient prices for everyone.

Are you searching for "Jewellers Near me?"

If yes, Eva Gems is your go to location for "Jewellers Near me." We are the top Jewelry manufacturer near you.
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Safe and Secure

Contrary to popular belief, we are a safe online space you can shop with confidence. Here, you will receive a card with the jewellery proving that the product is 100% genuine. Also, the shipping and payment method is safe.


As we all know, online shopping is convenient. You can easily visit your favourite brand's website and find the product you want without wasting any time. At Eva Gems, it is more convenient. Let's take a ring example, you want some L-shaped nose rings, you can easily get them here. We are most convenient because you don't have to wait for the store to open. If you work irregularly or are very busy, you probably don't have time to visit the store. It allows you to buy things without breaking your schedule.

Online Shopping has no crowds. The superb quality at Eva Gems Will Surely Impress you!

If you're like many, who hate crowds when shopping. It is because the crowd is a huge headache, especially during festivals or special events. Also, it tends to be more chaotic when there are more people, and that sometimes makes us grumpy, annoying, and smelly people also annoy many shoppers. Parking also becomes a big problem. However, when you visit Eva Gems online store, you don't have to worry about any of these. All these problems can be avoided if you shop online at Eva Gems. Evagems has bought the best Diamond Necklace you can check it out.

We are in this business since 1966.

Online shops are often all about convenience and fast shopping. If you're looking for a piece of jewellery that means something, you need to give it your time and attention. Visiting our store gives you the benefit of asking a knowledgeable jeweller if require. When you're willing to pay more to buy the perfect earrings for someone you love, you need a jeweller's reassurance and encouragement that you're getting your money's worth. Our jewellers usually remember their customers, which makes it easy when you need to buy other jewellery.

We have efficient Custom Designs

What if you have an idea for a great design or have a specific stone in mind? There are not many online stores that offer custom rings or necklaces as it is a hassle and defeats the purpose of an online store. On the other hand, our jewellery store can offer personalised services where customers can explain and show their preferred color, shape, and cut. The process is much more personal and we do this to build long-term customer loyalty.

Want to Shop Diamond Jewellery Online in Dubai?

We are the one-stop platform for everyone who loves to wear the finest jewellery. Shop at your convenience at Eva Gems. If you have any questions, you may contact us. For happy shopping, we are always here to inspire you.
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