Delivery Information

Evagems ensures all our customer service criteria are thoroughly met while delivering the items to the clients in timely and systematic manner. we remain constantly in direct contact with shipping handler and the client to update them about the package status on the web interface.

Mode of international shipment: -

Evagems has partnered with “FEDEX” for delivering international shipment to every country, mainly United kingdom, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Scotland and mainly entire Europe and U.S.A. currently shipping Gold jewelry to few African countries is forbidden to send, Please consent us to check for your country's latest shipping rules & regulations.  

Local shipment with U.A.E: - has collaborated with “UPS” and “ARAMEX” courier services for Door-to-Door delivery of Jewelry items ordered by clients within 2 working days

Time taken for international shipment: -

For international shipment it normally takes between 5 to 8 days to eventually get a call from the Destination fed-ex center for appointment for delivery time to the recipient

Handling : -

All our jewelry items are packed and shipped within a safe box packaging, at times small items are also bubble wrapped effectively and there has never been any complain form the clients receiving the same,

Delivery within united kingdom:-

Often we also use “ROYALMAIL” courier service within U.k for delivery. In rare case if the item requires a small modification and repair , we can arrange a local jewelry workshop to undertake the custom repair order on behalf of us, in very few cases the local courier or parcel delivery company like “DHL” or "TNT EXPRESS" are hired to undertake the package collection and delivery to the client within Europe or Uk

Delivery charges and Repairing: 

for small intercity courier/postal charges are usually paid by the client themselves. For new jewelry purchased from us , we bare the international shipment charges which of course are added to the original selling price, since we are quoting our clients the bare minimum price structure, we have to take into consideration each & every shipping and handling charges separately. For items undergoing repair within the close proximity of the client, we can negotiate on the charges , either split the total charge if the item has been severely damaged and needs repairing expenses and replacement of loose diamonds which would cost more than 200 USD. Such disputes are discussed privately in person

Delivery with self or affiliated friends:

In very Rare circumstances, we can deliver the jewelry items by our regular friends and family who might be traveling to Europe or United kingdom and eventually courier the items intercity , this will reduce the cost of international courier charges and it is a part of helpful gesture form our end . Such service is only possible when we have known person, or friends who are willing to help us to transport the small jewelry either repaired and returned back to the owner without any cost.

Below are the Most prominently asked answers to FAQ's:-

   1. What if I do not receive my jewelry shipment ? and their management takes into priority and  importance for customer shipment and jewelry delivery efficiently and with hundred percentage satisfaction. In Extremely Rare circumstances, it may have occurred that due to wrong description or incorrect item description , the item may have been on hold at the FEDEX or the recipient country dispatch and clearance office. In such circumstances we shall arrange for the shipment to return back to Dubai and rectify and resend the package at our own costs. 

   2. What if FEDEX looses my package, who is responsible?

Eva Gems has been a generation old business entity managed by owners directly, this online store is operating past one decade to make it easier for clients who may want to purchase form the comfort of their home.

In items less than 1500 U$D , we shall bare the replacement of the item , if unfortunately such an error might have occurred from FEDEX international shipment . We might also post a claim from their insurance company upon the same, 

for items more than 2500 U$D, we recommend having spoken with us prior to agreeing with shipment and if there where option to divide the losses between either parties, we shall discuss and resolve the problem amicably. In general the chances for such an unfortunate event to occur is 0.0001% as per our past experience. 

 For more information and query besides any of the above topic , you may contact us via email at sales@evagems.comor simply chat with us online on our  jewelry website & our agent will be happy to clear all your doubts.