Eva Gems' Name Necklace in Dubai, UAE

What's a great piece of jewellery that works just as well as a gift for someone else as it does for yourself?

A name necklace is a superb choice to enlighten the mood of someone you love.


Wish to Buy a Name Necklace?

You are in the right place. Eva Gems, a trusted and renowned retail jeweller in Dubai, offers outstanding name necklaces that you’ll surely love to wear. 

Buying name jewellery is also easier today than it was in previous years. You just have to fill in your name or the name of a loved one on the order form. Our jewellers use state-of-the-art equipment to artistically put the name on the necklace.


Common Metals You Can Opt. for Naming a Necklace

Gold Necklace

Gold has been valued since ancient times. Gold is famous for its beauty, but also its anti-tarnish properties. Real gold is soft, so gold is often combined with other metals for durability. 

Higher carat gold jewellery contains more gold, lower carat gold jewellery contains less gold.

You will also see different colors of gold. Besides yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are the most common. These colors are caused due to addition of different metals in gold. 


Diamond Necklace 

Name necklaces with diamonds are becoming increasingly popular. Diamonds are embedded in the engraved names that will add sparkle to your name necklace. 

This wonderful diamond necklace is one of the top choices of wearers. 


Other Materials 

You can add elegant touches like gemstones and shells to your name necklaces. Name necklaces with precious stones are becoming more and more common. Gems are usually added as an accent. Common examples of gemstones are birthstones or other popular colored gemstones.

Pearls and shells are cheaper than colored gemstones. Shell necklaces are a serious trend and look gorgeous and stylishly adorned with your name.


Name Necklace in Diamond and Other Metals offer Stylish Varieties

With the popularity of name necklaces, more and more styles and trends are being introduced. One of the most significant trends is the necklace with two names. These are perfect gifts for a lover or best friend. These necklaces are often adorned with a symbol of a heart or an infinity sign to represent everlasting love. 

3D name tags and necklaces can be personalised with different accents, metals, gemstones, and other customizations for an eye-catching effect. 

Name necklaces are not just for English names. There are special name chains for names in Arabic and any other language that doesn't use the English alphabet.


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