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Engagement Rings: Its Importance & Significance:

Engagement rings have become very popular in the last few years because of their importance to women’s lives. They are not only used as a symbol of love but also as a source of inspiration for a woman’s life; that is why everyone wants to get one or two when they are living their lives.

Surely, it is a good thing to be in love. We have always had one person whom we actually loved at one point in time in our life. With love, comes dating and this simply means that two individuals usually of the opposite sex have come together and decided to have a lovely relationship that might probably lead to a blissful marriage.

The concept of engagement stems from the afore - mentioned dating between two individuals. When two individuals have actually gone a bit deep in love, they start to make various types of commitment and engagement happens to be one of those commitments.

For an engagement to be complete there must be a ring which is thus known as “engagement ring”. This engagement ring is usually given to a lady by a man as a sign or request to marry the lady. Once the man gives the engagement ring to the lady, they have taken their relationship further depending on the response of the lady. If the lady accepts the man’s request to make her his wife, the man then places the wedding ring on the lady’s left index finger.

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This is usually an epoch – making event which is done once in a lifetime. Once the engagement occurs, their statuses will change to fiancés. The next thing that is involved after the engagement is the wedding proper and this means that as soon as the lady accepts, they both start up plans for a marital union. Engagement rings are very much significant when it comes to revealing to the world that two people who are in a relationship have decided to come together in marriage as husband and wife.

Please note that because engagement is usually once in a life-time event, most people try to make the best out of it. Some go as far as buying very beautiful and expensive rings: Gold, Diamond and Silver. This they do in other to express their love and desire to marry their spouse. On most occasions, engagements are carried out in public places while others prefer to carry out theirs in private. However, no matter the setting, one thing is important and that is the fact that there has to be people present during the engagement. These people will serve as witnesses to this lovely event.

The lady is usually the one that is given the engagement ring by the man, in other words, engagement rings are worn only be the ladies. This engagement ring will be worn until the wedding day when both parties will have to exchange vows and rings. Even after the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring will still stand as a cherished treasure to the woman as it depicts a very special event in her life. An event that changed her marital status, this is the core significance of engagement rings. It is good to note that the engagement ring also scares off other men probably bachelors from the lady whose status as a spinster has been changed starting from the day of engagement.

History of Engagement Rings.

Surprisingly, the history of engagement ring is not romantic but it was the symbol of ownership in ancient time. According to GIA, women in Rome wore ivory, flint, bone, copper and iron to indicate a business contract. Gold rings which is became a material of choice were initially found in the ruins of Pompeii. Thankfully the time has now changed and engagement rings have become the most integral part of the marriages.

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