Round Diamond Rings

A round diamond is cut to have a 58 facets (A flat surfaces on a diamond that reflects light) which make sure that it provide maximum shine.

Why do people prefer to buy round diamonds?

This question can create some sort of ambiguity when it comes to the best type of diamond to buy. It could be that the event might be an engagement, wedding or just a gift to someone. In answering this question and at the same time, clarifying any sort of confusion, it is important to note that the round diamonds are very good at hiding imperfections as they reduce colour and clarity.

Round diamonds are expensive and this is because of the amount of time and skill as well as energy involved in cutting out a brilliant round diamond. The round diamonds also lasts longer than other diamonds.

How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring for Your Style.

Here are some tips for choosing the best engagement ring for your style.

1. Narrow down what cut you would like to have.

2. Choose a metal for the band.

3. Have a carat size in mind.

4. Imagine how your wedding ring will look with your wedding dress.

5. Make sure to check the certificate and match it with diamond.


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