Knowing about the 4 C’s of diamonds

Knowing about the 4 C’s of diamonds

It is important for you to get familiar with the language of diamonds. The language includes four different C’s that stand for color, clarity, cut and carat.
These are four of the most essential factors when it comes to determining the worth of the diamond.

  1. Cut

 Cut is known to be the most important among the 4 Cs. The sparkling capability of a diamond is defined by it. A diamond that is poorly cut will lack shine and will appear to be dull while a well-cut one will be filled with [perfection. There are certain cuts like princess and marquise that make a diamond appear larger than it really is.

  1. Clarity

The next factor to determine the authenticity of a diamond is the clarity. The imperfections and blemishes in a diamond determine its clarity. The imperfections are known as inclusions. As the inclusions increase, the clarity decreases. High clarity means that the diamond is of optimum quality. The diamonds with the highest amount of clarity are known as flawless diamonds.

  1. Colour

The colour of the diamond is determined in terms of grade D to Z. The most costly diamonds are colourless and are graded in the D category, as we move from D to Z the price of the diamond decreases accordingly.

  1. Carat

Carat is basically the term that defines the weight of a diamond. As big as the stone is, the caratage will be higher as well. Carat value also determines the price of the diamond. The higher the value is, the higher the price will be. Also, it is to be noted that if two stones carry the same carat value, their prices may still be different depending upon cut, clarity and colour.

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