Shopping for Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Shopping for Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

There are several different types of round engagement rings on the market. This is great as you can find just the right ring you are looking for. Find the ring that you know will look good on your future wife’s hand and make her head spin while not going over your budget.

There is the classic 3 stone engagement ring that is a timeless piece and beautiful in its look. You can find these in several different metal choices for the band. There are several different sizes as well depending on what you want to spend and the sizing on the band that you want. Pricing will rise as the carat value rises in regards to ones that contain diamonds.

The classic 3 stone setting is nice for many hands and looks proportional when it comes to the balance of the ring. There are also single setting round engagement rings as well that are beautiful. These can be with a plain band or have a designer band on them as well.

Many times the single round one stone diamond will fit into a full setting of the wedding ring. The single cut is worn throughout the engagement. When the ceremony occurs the engagement ring slides into the setting for a complete and fuller look.

These are a popular choice and because they are sold in sets they have a great value. You can get a beautiful ring set for a fraction of the price. These and all other types of sets are sold in local jewelry stores as well as online jewelers world wide.

 Antique round engagement rings are also quite popular. This can be a family ring passed down by generation or can also be from an antique dealer from another family. What is unique to antique jewelry is the way that it is hand crafted. It also carries many stories from the past that are interesting and unique. These types of choices are available by searching for them online.

There are also many other choices for a round engagement ring that you may be considering. There are several types of gemstone rings that are great for promissory or engagements in a round cut that look dazzling on any hand. The diamond look is classic, but if you have an original gal you may want an original and unique ring. Look online specifically for round cut engagement rings to see all of your possibilities.

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